If you need a personal trainer in the Midlothian area then you’re in luck. My private gym is located in Midlothian and I am confident that I can help you reach your fitness goals. Whether you’re looking to lose weight, tone up or add muscle my personal training sessions along with completely customized meal plans will help you get there.

Of course if you prefer to train in the comfort of your home I also offer in home personal training for Midlothian as well as all of Richmond. This is often a much more comfortable and simple way to get started with your personal training sessions.

During your sessions we’ll focus on High Intensity Interval Training, Isolated Muscle Training and Healthy Meal Plans. These are the fundamentals of my program and they’ve been proven to work time and time again.

If you live in the Midlothian area then my private gym is just a short drive away. Your first consultation is totally free and I don’t require any contracts. I know that you’ll be hooked to my training program once we get started and you start seeing results. All you have to do is show up and work hard. My training program is completely customized to tailor to your needs and most importantly your goals.

If you have any injuries or have trouble with certain muscle groups don’t worry. I work with clients every day that have problem areas such as lower back pain, knee and shoulder problems, arthritis and much more. The primary focus will be to strengthen the muscle surrounding your problem area. This ensures that you use these muscle groups instead of your problem joints/injured areas. Over the years this has proven to be very effective and quite often results in the pain/injury completely disappearing.

What separates NOW Personal Training from other personal trainers in Midlothian?

The biggest difference here is my attention to your specific needs. Unlike most trainers in Midlothian and the Richmond area, especially typical gym trainers, I don’t train 10 clients per day. I focus on a select 4-6 client per day to ensure that I have the energy and intensity to give my clients my best. This results in a more fun and customized training regimen. I work very hard to constantly give my clients new exercises and keep their interest with an ever evolving personal training program.

Midlothian isn’t the best place for healthy food unfortunately, but I work hard to recommend great local food to maintain a healthy diet. After all your diet is the most important aspect of your training and I try to make sure you actually enjoy what you eat. The focus of my meal plans is a healthy body, not just losing weight as fast as possible. Once we get started with your personal training I’ll provide you with a completely customized meal plan as well as healthy snack ideas, simple recipes and a lot more.

Call today for your free consultation at 804.543.2029!

You’ll see results quickly with a focused personal training program and specialized meal plans. Whether you’re located nearby in Midlothian or anywhere in the Richmond area I’m confident that together we can reach your fitness goals.