If you’re looking for a Richmond personal trainer to help you lose weight and get in shape you’re in the right place. I provide one on one personal training for clients all over the Richmond area. Whether you’re located in Short Pump, Downtown, Mechanicsville or anywhere in the Richmond area I can come to you!

I also specialize in personal training for couples as well as group sessions. Training with your spouse or friend is always a lot of fun and can really help bring participants closer together. I often train co-workers at their place of employment making for a quick lunch session to keep you energized for the rest of your work day.

In home training is a great way to get in shape in the comfort of your own home. Motivation is often the most difficult aspect of working out. The thought of getting in the car and heading to a gym can sometimes be enough to discourage you from every getting started. We can train in your home, garage and even in your backyard. I bring all of the necessary equipment to you with everything from Boxing Gloves, Bands, Free Weights and much more!

If you don’t mind a bit of a drive then you can always train at our private gym located in Midlothian. The gym is setup perfectly for one on one training with all of the equipment you’ll ever need to get a killer workout.

My personal training plan focuses on three factors:
High Intensity Interval Training
Isolated Muscle Training
Healthy Meal Plans

With high intensity interval training the focus is on short burst of cardio that increase your metabolic rate and help burn fat more efficiently. This is far more effective than slow building cardio like jogging and a lot more fun!

Isolated muscle training insures when all of that fat on your body has been burned off that there’s some muscle waiting to be seen. Targeting specific muscle groups like glutes, hamstrings and triceps will give women the lean bodies they’ve always wanted. For men we’ll focus more on the pecs, biceps and the rest of the body to build that strong cut physique that they’re looking for. Of course all of my training regimens will also focus heavily on strong core strength development.

A healthy meal plan is absolutely essential in building the perfect body, both for looks and overall health. I’ll create a completely customized meal plan for you and make sure you’re eating a healthy diet. The meal plan will focus on nutrients, not on just losing weight at any cost. This is not the way to lose weight and too often the path taken by those looking for rapid weight loss. I believe in long term meal plans with food that you actually enjoy eating and food that is most importantly good for your body.

Remember your first consultation is completely free! Call today to setup your appointment at 804.543.2029

I’m confident that I can help you reach your fitness goals no matter where you’re located in Richmond with my intense personal training program and completely customized meal plans.