"I began using Josh several months ago with my wife who had been working with him throughout the summer and I have already noticed a vast difference in my core and endurance. What Josh does extremely well is to vary a vast number of exercises specifically targeted to different muscle groups. This variety helps keep the exercise process fresh. He also focuses on your form when doing individual exercises to help maximize your effort and minimize injury. This attention to detail is what sets Josh apart from other trainers. He has made a difference for my whole family."


"Josh is a great personal trainer. Of the several that I have used over the years, he is undoubtedly the best. He works with you to achieve your goals and helps not only with exercise by also diet including vitamins and supplements. He works to accommodate your schedule and is willing to train you wherever it is convenient for his clients. He is very knowledgeable about what he's doing. He's also very personable. He pushes you beyond what you would normally be able to achieve without his help. He also offers discounts for multiple visits per week which makes him more affordable. Overall I would give him a very high rating."